Navigating through

college life and career changes

Are you worried about how you will afford college?

Above are links regarding federal aid, scholarship opportunities, and information on student loans. 

In community college and unsure what your next step is?

The above links can provide career options along with transfer information and deadlines.​​

Not sure if you should take the SAT or ACT? We can help!

Once decided, use the helpful links above to ensure you get the score you need to be admitted into the college of your dreams. 

Navigating through

college life and career changes


Financial Aid & Scholarships

Community College

Still not sure where to apply? 

See the above links for college search engines as well as information regarding graduation rates, student involvement, and rankings.


Not sure what colleges look for when admitting students?

Read advice from admissions officers from top schools such as Yale and the University of California, Berkeley.

Applying to College

College Search

Test Preparations

​Are you considering a career change?

See the above links for information on the top jobs of the future and tips for changing careers.