Navigating through

college life and career changes

Avenues is a full service college and career advisement firm for young students as well as adults looking for a career change. We strive to serve all populations and demographics in navigating through college and careers. Services include college admittance assistance, international student assistance, educational planning starting as early as junior high to college graduation, career planning, scholarship and financial aid advisement, college success counseling, and tutoring for all ages. We assist you throughout your educational years in addition to advising you on your career pathway starting from junior high to college including finding a job after graduation. 

Charles Johnson, M.A.

Mr. Charlie Johnson has been a college math professor for over 15 years and a graduate of UCLA. He has helped many students not only pass all levels of math courses, but also with the ACT, SAT, and GRE college admission tests. His test prep expertise has helped hundreds of students increase their math scores on these challenging college admission tests. Additionally, he has helped students with AP math courses and their exams. As a college professor, he knows that it takes to be successful especially those students interested in the math or science areas. He also knows what it takes to get into a top tier college like UCLA. 

About Us

Navigating through

college life and career changes

Gina LaMonica, Ed.D.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Gina La Monica has been in the education field for over 20 years starting her career as a high school counselor, teacher, and coach. Thereafter she worked as a tenured professor, department chair, director and dean in high education for both the private and public institutions. She has also managed many adult learning programs focused on helping middle aged adults find another career along with the educational path that best fits them professionally as well as personally.

As a high school counselor, she has assisted many students on college admission ensuring their educational plan will allow them to apply to their colleges of their choice. As a Career Technical Education Dean, she has advised hundreds of students on educational planning as well as career paths. As a tenured professor, she has helped many students struggling in college helping them navigate through college life.

Dr. La Monica not only knows how the admission processes work, but how colleges and universities operate internally with her vast years in higher education. She still teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels keeping current with the life of higher education to best educate and advise her clients. Dr. La Monica also was recently appointed to a Los Angeles School Board position for a charter high school in the San Fernando Valley, which has the highest admission rates to CSUs and UCs of all of the high schools in the area.

Dr. La Monica has a doctorate in education from Pepperdine University and a graduate degree from USC.

Dr. La Monica also authors many columns for local blogs and newspapers in Santa Barbara, California. These works can be accessed under the "Columns" tab above.